It was a fantastic learning experience to watch LEAD(an organisation comprising a group of young people united by a desire to educate and thereby, change destinies of underprevileged children around Airoli, Ghansoli and few rural villages in Badlapur) conduct, manage for the cause. Following our small Volunteers Meet at Airoli, it was a truly great event.

The volunteers involved at LEAD this year and since its intiative really bring a diverse mix of skills, which is great to see. From B.Com grads to technical whiz kids all passionate fellows, it has been incredibly inspiring talking to them and hearing about their ideas, plans for the future. From shoots trees grow.

While the Centre is a resource, the true spirit will come from all of the energetic youths involved who are taking bold steps to improve their communities and regenerate the hope of education for underprivileged kids. I’m thrilled to be supporting the region in this way with many others helping out.

Recently, I was sent a link to a fascinating page in the TimesOfIndia over the weekend which was about The Joy of Giving Week. Its India’s festival of giving!!!!

No matter who you are you can be a part of it by doing something good for the society at large and thats exactly what it does.

Just when I thought, why not start your own page for charity that you feel passionate about?
Just then, we created a community GIVE JOY which would help colleges look into celebrating JOY of GIVING WEEK 2011 and would also foster genuine, selfless giving for the needy!

Thereby we planned to create many events for the cause up this week! Check them out and try to be a part of it.

– Donate old clothes, stationary, food items for a good cause.

– Buy stationary at a concessional rate and donate the remaining amount.

– Love chocolates, puppets

– A Bike ride from Mulund to Malshej (don’t miss!) … Ride for a cause on 2nd October 2011

– Celebrate in your community
Learn how

– Buy paintings View them here

– Get the latest edition of POPULAR SCIENCE at a concessional rate to support! Drop an email at prathameshshanbhag at yahoo dot com 😉

So, how do you plan to celebrate the JOY of Giving Week 2011?

All items and other beneficiaries collected will be mobilized to LEAD Foundation based in Airoli.
Find them on Facebook

If you plan to give generously or have any other query please drop a mail at or Call on 97 57 28 76 18

Make sure you check back in over the coming weeks to see how we are all getting onGIVE JOY

I’m still confused!


Innovate or Evaporate:Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Management

Recently, I had been to the so called National Seminar on the title Innovate or Evaporate: Financial Innovations – Opportunities & Challenges. Here is the review

LLIM: This event respected to start half an hour late. I was kept wandering here and there for registration, even though I had done it at the first place. Finally, one of the faculty members clarified the place of registration which was succeeded by a mini-breakfast(no issues here). I expected to be late for the speech but only to see the auditorium full with the organising staff. Again the same wandering process for my seating position as I was an odd man in the LLIM students and similarly one of the faculty standing up to say that I can sit anywhere. To continue the dignitaries arrived late and quickly only to further add chaos to the organising team. So to say the hall arranged itself after its heads sitting in their positions on the stage; this time in a minute!
The dignitaries included three members of LLIM and a retiree RBI Mr. Sabarpati who introduced the topic fabulously starting from the realty mess to bank debt in US. Their round of speaking ended with the Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University Mr. Rajan Welukar giving some motivation in the end & talked nothing related to the topic of seminar. This went out till 5pm accompanied by many other speakers not upto Mr. Sabarpati’s class. No issues of time duration since we had a lunch in between. There were some papers presented too but not of any value. And yes, we also had some thoughts by IIM-A graduates, but they were more of promotional value.
I also discussed with some of LLIM students to find out that they were purposely brought in the bait for attendence, term marks and of course certificate.
NUTSHELL : The National Conference was not worth it the name.

Review onE-Cell, IIT Bombay Business Plan Workshop

The B-Plan started on 4th Sep ’10 at 15hrs with the speaker Mr. AM Kannan already present.( good as to avoid delays)
The host described about a few actions for Eureka!(E-cell Competition) and proceeded with how to make a B-Plan!

The explanation was quite simple and to the point. All the audience busy writing the slide presentations on their provided notepads!
The Q & A Session was one which totally full with enthusiasm and put light all various issues to end the day with on a high