Innovate or Evaporate:Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Management

Recently, I had been to the so called National Seminar on the title Innovate or Evaporate: Financial Innovations – Opportunities & Challenges. Here is the review

LLIM: This event respected to start half an hour late. I was kept wandering here and there for registration, even though I had done it at the first place. Finally, one of the faculty members clarified the place of registration which was succeeded by a mini-breakfast(no issues here). I expected to be late for the speech but only to see the auditorium full with the organising staff. Again the same wandering process for my seating position as I was an odd man in the LLIM students and similarly one of the faculty standing up to say that I can sit anywhere. To continue the dignitaries arrived late and quickly only to further add chaos to the organising team. So to say the hall arranged itself after its heads sitting in their positions on the stage; this time in a minute!
The dignitaries included three members of LLIM and a retiree RBI Mr. Sabarpati who introduced the topic fabulously starting from the realty mess to bank debt in US. Their round of speaking ended with the Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University Mr. Rajan Welukar giving some motivation in the end & talked nothing related to the topic of seminar. This went out till 5pm accompanied by many other speakers not upto Mr. Sabarpati’s class. No issues of time duration since we had a lunch in between. There were some papers presented too but not of any value. And yes, we also had some thoughts by IIM-A graduates, but they were more of promotional value.
I also discussed with some of LLIM students to find out that they were purposely brought in the bait for attendence, term marks and of course certificate.
NUTSHELL : The National Conference was not worth it the name.


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