flicksurf & Indian startups

Look around where you reside for start ups..!#!# huh whats that? Greek? No. I’ll help you out.

Just have a look around your street for whats sprawling up across the juncture. A walk will do. You’ll be totally amazed at whats been happening and whats all on your fellow citizens mind. Every novel idea or out of the box development are technically called start ups these days.

Start ups in India has grown into a top portal frequented by members of Indian start up eco-system. Who are they? They are a new breed of hybrid genes who have donated fear in their bellies to a transformation with their setbacks as they came up the road less taken!

To cite consider the rise and rise of flipkart.com been valuated at about $1bn becoming a first start up to cross that figure. It has not only raised the expectations of existing customers but has also brought in many new and faithful customers in this foray which now invites many other new ventures and foremost players equally alike.

As such cutthroat competition is not new to India. Presently it is one of the many setbacks to one of the most trusted telecom and airline players, worldwide who entered India at the blossom time. And also to the fact that the Indian Government haven’t shown any checkered flag to anyone wanting to cash in for the fruitful progress of the economy which is conducive.

The above mentioned panorama is just the tip of an iceberg. And there are countless young NRIs flocking to have their share of pie with their self imposed misappropriation about India’s growing story. Nevertheless the doubtful yet gleaming Indian mother has one more reason to say ‘Mara deekra toh US mei hai, MS seektha hai‘ and if not he certainly has a chance to make it large back here!

Two sectors which I personally feel which has a very bright future in India are cyber-technology and aeronautical part making business. World One countries are already into cyber-technology, closely followed by Chinese. The latter sector is still in for a stellar growth and our home grown mechanical engineers can carve out a part in it(perhaps with a add-on grad. degree)!

I am more inclined to the cyber side of India’s development as of this blog. The last carriage for our growth train was no doubt Sameer Bhatia’s Hotmail sale to Microsoft which spurred a lot of related dot com boom in India. To quote

“A lot of traditional Silicon Valley industries like semiconductors and networking have matured. Today’s Indian entrepreneur is simply where the market is. And that obviously includes social, mobile and cloud,”
says Vish Mishra, a venture capitalist at ClearStone Ventures and global head of the world’s largest entrepreneurial body, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)

Get back to your twenties and run a flashback and you will feel that’s the best time to be in this country! I have fortunately had friends with this viewpoint and every time I used to go to them with complaining grudges(to flicksurf team) they shot back saying India is a good breeding ground for entrepreneurs, not employees!

India is a good breeding ground for entrepreneurs, not employees

Even constant ripples of water make way out of huge rocks and eventually pass through them creating a waterfall to soothe and awe minds and hearts alike.

With this belief, we(Team flicksurf) planned to start a recommendation engine to heal net-savvy users and others in search for relevant content from the web and give ‘friendly yet firm’ reply to spams. A recommendation engine is very different to a normal search engine in heaps of ways!

A recommendation engine doesn’t have an inch of space on your feed without your friends’ control. We explored a lot with it and it actually make sharing your recos. pretty simple and hassle free. No you don’t share your message to your friends by having to scoop in through many other updates but with a simple click and a pound of truthfulness.

We of course, had couple of face to face meetings to discuss the course. The most helpful meet in this initiative was at a food court where we were able to grasp what actually was in need. One of the team members also went to Amsterdam(in the process extended his vacation) to find how a top check-in managing site did wow its users.

We implicitly(with much into observing people at a large food joint) into two categories of community interest viz. movies and music!
Others categories we decided to add later are books, blogs, musings!
And therefore went ahead into flicksurf concentrating our initial splurge with them and wait to see the response, worldwide!

We ourselves were amazed with the response we received from various technical communities in India and other such forums. And so we decided to launch it to everyone(only accepting emails right now) with a catchy, less geeky know how to operate on it.

It overall was a very pleasant experience for the team and will bring in lot of our hopes to test. I look forward to have many such deep learning curves with the flicksurf team

Excitement of our group at the moment is sky high and hope all the fun we had creating it is matched from the users who’ll be joining us!


flicksurf is currently in beta version and available to users. If you would like to have an invitation and check out how many of your friends are on it drop your email here.


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