The Most Important Thing In Life – Discipline

Shortly, I was commuting by train to my house, I found an old man with glasses on his nose, reading the English version of ‘Bhagavad Gita’ quite point to point his finger making sure he not miss a word!
What caught me was his dedication and a bag of more books he was carrying with! I asked him (with a fear of being rejected), “What is the most important thing in life?’ He replied after a pause ‘DISCIPLINE!’
Sadly, I asked him in the last minutes of my travel(next time I commit to do it a lot before and in a more extraordinary persistent way). Made me think over it : How disciplined are we in our lives? Actually remembered Mahatma Gandhi – a single man who truly was so disciplined in whatever in did, that challenged the mightiest country in the world!
Finally, this man got off to his place and replied “One more thing is more important in life, its ENERGY!….You must have energy to use your time more productively.”
Must say a man with silver head and a golden heart!
[P.S: The reason I write this is because of his departure a young lad standing on the doors of the train was playing loudly ‘Socha Hai Ye Tumne Kya Kabhi’ from ‘Rock On’ which set the dramatic pun intended]